Your alignment shows how good or evil your character is. A character who is good will help those in need and not kill the innocent, while an evil character will rob others or wield a wicked weapon.

Having a good or evil character does not currently affect gameplay.

Axis Edit

Alignment Axis

Note: colors are for illustrative purposes only and have no bearing on the game.

Change Amounts Edit

There are three basic ways alignment can be changed (names are player interpretations, and won't be seen in-game):

  • One Step: Your alignment display moves on row upward or downward (such as from "Good" to "Righteous"), you will receive a message similar to "You feel more virtuous" or "You feel more wicked".
  • Absolute: Your alignment moves to a set point on the above Axis. An example would be when you equip the SSL
  • Fractional Step: This is a "hidden" increment of your alignment. It changes, but not a full step (i.e. it still "looks" the same). More than one "Fractional Step" may be necessary to come to a Step. Fractional Steps are indicated when you receive a message similar to "You feel a bit more virtuous" or "You feel a bit more wicked". The key phrase is "a bit", indicating that it isn't enough to change your displayed Alignment.

How it is affected Edit

  • By wielding an evil weapon, such as Tzal-Kagoth or Iakor's weapons, your alignment will become demonic.
  • On the contrary, wielding a Shimmering Silver weapon will make your alignment Saintly.
  • The demon Ezerok can make a character demonic. He can be found by using Elementalism when finding a smouldering fire while exploring the realms (currently disabled)
  • Killing innocent people or creatures such as woodsmen, rangers or good spirits while Exploring the realms at random will make you more evil, while killing evil creatures such as demons or goblins will increase your alignment.
  • Kneeling before the silver pool at Talinus Cathedral of Silver Rain raises your alignment a bit "You feel a little more virtuous". You can do it daily.
  • In some quests your alignment can become more virtuous by helping people out (such as killing a demon) or it can be decreased by being dishonest (such as robbing the lone rider).
  • No matter how many good people you kill, you cannot become Demonic. You can only get this status through Ezerok or by wielding a wicked weapon.
  • For a list of items/actions that alter your alignment, see here

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