The Adventurer Profile is a game feature introduced at the end of the year 2008, and improved through 2009.

Used as a tool for roleplaying and comparison between characters, the Adventurer Profile shows some of your custom appearance and history, your residence's name, your number of skills and powers (including special mentions to two of your greatest strengths, if several of them are tied they are randomly chosen) and your player name. After that, it lists all your Skills and Powers, with their current rank, and your current equipment. All this information is updated every time you SAVE your character.

As an example, this is the Adventurer Profile of the most powerful adventurer of all times, the almighty {{ #NewWindowLink: | Magical }}, first character to reach Legendary level (100) in All Skills and Powers.

The public Adventurer Profile can be seen by other adventurers in the Hall of Champions, and in the Active Adventurers view, also available from your main Stats pane in-game.

View and Edit Edit

To access the Adventurer Profile, you have two links within the game, in your stats pane, View Profile and Edit Profile (just below the Skills, Powers and Items drop-down lists).

The View Profile link opens a new window with your public profile.

The Edit Profile link lets you personalize your public profile with the following sections (not all of them appear on the public profile):

  • Appearance
    • Body Type
    • Hair colour
    • Hair length
    • Eye colour
  • Age: Young, middle-aged or Older
  • Hails from: A list of Srythian locations, most of them in Tysa.

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