The Adventure Finder is a partial listing of available quests, events, and multiplayer scenarios for a Sryth character.

Keep in mind there are many adventures (big and small) that are not reported here.

Available Adventures Edit

Quests that are open for a character are listed under Available Adventures and point to the location in the Kingdom of Tysa where they can be found, along with AG-only indications.

Quests which prerequisites are not fulfilled are not reported here.

Available Events/Scenarios Edit

Events that are not normally triggered via the Adventures for This Location link are listed under this section. These include:

  • Triggers for some quests (and -usually- where to find them)
  • Multiplayer battles, along with the time remaining before the next battle (if it is not currently being fought).
  • Well of Blades
  • Tarlaro's elixirs availability
  • The Painted Peddler last location.

Other Edit

Sometimes, the Adventure Finder is used to indicate where limited-time events are occurring (such as during Adventurer Appreciation Month).

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