These are special raffles, free of cost and open to any AG character saving its game during certain days. Each adventurer has just one "ticket" and more than one character from the same account can win prizes.

They are usually announced with very little anticipation.

So far there have been two such raffles.

The Winteriron Raffle Edit

  • To participate, you had to save your game at least once between the days 13 and 20 February 2010
  • The prize was a Winteriron Helm
  • There were only five winners. The tickets were drawn on Sunday, February 21, 2010.
  • Characters had through Sunday, February 28 to claim their prize. Prizes unclaimed after that date were be awarded, at random, to another entrant. This happened at least once, IIRC.
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  • King Arthur from the roster of kurtis.
  • Kulang from the roster of arnon.
  • Draco from the roster of shadowhntr12.
  • Karidan from the roster of hinton.
  • Coles from the roster of azabat.

The Plume Raffle Edit

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Five different enchanted plumes (the broad, silver feathers of a takabak), will be given away as prizes to five lucky adventurers on Tuesday, February 1, 2011.

These enchanted plumes can be attached to any piece of head armour to provide bonuses to a character's Melee Rating, Stamina Points, and Nevernal Reserve.


The five levels of plumes to be awarded as prizes in this raffle are:

Official Rules
  • A total of 5 prizes will be given away to five adventurers whose entries are drawn at random.
  • Only 1 of each of the different plume types (I through V) will be awarded as prizes. The order in which the winning entries are drawn will determine which prize a winner will receive.
  • To enter into the drawing, an adventurer need only sign in and save his or her game once between January 23, 2011 and January 31, 2011.
  • Each character can have only 1 entry for the drawing, though it is possible for more than one character from the same account to win a prize.
  • Prizes cannot be transferred/awarded to another character.
  • Drevid from the roster of drevid: Enchanted Plume (V)
  • Kalliandra from the roster of lyraena: Enchanted Plume (IV)
  • Weezel from the roster of qwertyweezel: Enchanted Plume (III)
  • Teagan from the roster of taishouanora: Enchanted Plume (II)
  • Grite from the roster of haplen: Enchanted Plume (I)
The Plume Merchant

These rare items were made available after the raffle through a special merchant in Hawklor

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